Freezeking leads in its range of Open-Drive Refrigeration Compressors in India

Freezeking is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of refrigeration compressors in India. Be it commercial or industrial purposes, we are committed to fulfilling the growing needs of the refrigeration industry with latest technology.  Our journey as a compressor manufacturer started in Delhi in 1966, and now we are a strong country-wide supplier.

The range of Freezeking compressors is from 3 hp to 25 hp in medium and high speed types.

Freezeking compressors are designed for rugged use, low power consumption and high performance with options to use various latest refrigerants such as R 134a and R 404a besides R 22.

Why Freezeking?

True Partners

Our strong understanding of customer requirements makes us your true partners.

Focus On Innovation

Our R&D upgrades products with innovative technology for new refrigerants and maximum power savings.

Dedicated Teams

We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals with personalized technical assistance.

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