Freezeking Manufactures a Complete Range of Top Quality Ammonia Valves & Accessories

Freezeking is pioneering OEM to most renowned companies, contractors and users in the cold storage industry in India.    Being a leading manufacturer, Freezeking supplies latest valve designs for most efficient & rugged operation.  In order to cater to bulk and urgent requirements, we maintain a ready stock of valves.   The valve range includes Flange Type, Weld-in-Line Type, Screw Type and Socket Type Angle and Globe Valves.

Our Features :

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Positive Shut Off
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • Accurate Fitment
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Generous Ports for Improved Efficiency

Component Specifications & Features

Since 1959, Freezeking group is manufacturing valves & fittings for heavy duty ammonia refrigeration applications. Freezeking assures reliability and efficient operation of its products through sturdy construction, quality materials and precision machining. Some important Freezeking valve specifications are :

Pressure Drop

Large ports and generous fluid passages in valve bodies allow full flow capacity with a minimum pressure drop


Castings are strictly as per grade, close-grained pressure tested to 500 psig for zero leakage at high pressures. Steel forgings are as per ASTM 105 for high strength weld-in-line Valves & Bonnets.


Up to size 2″ Valves are fitted with stainless steel Spindles , and for larger sizes spindles are Hard Chrome Electroplated to 15 microns for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.  Spindle Stems are ground for smooth operation and zero gland leakages.

Hand Wheels

Heavy-duty designed for rugged use and firm gripping.

Port Sealing

Leak-proof Telfon-Ring Insert is used in all standard valves for positive sealing with hand tightening only as against conventional metal to metal seats.  Self-aligning floating seat bushes are used for valves 1″ and above which under sealing pressure eliminate frictional damage on closure and self align for perfect sealing.

Stem Sealing

Stem / Gland special sealing O-Rings of pure Neoprene provide effecting sealing while having operational ease and long life.


Freezeking Valves and Accessories are manufactured with parts precision machined on CNC machines. All parts undergo strict quality inspection at every stage before assembly and final testing includes high-pressure pneumatic testing of valve seats at 300 psig.

Due to Continuous  R & D Freezeking reserves the right to alter the specifications or to  cease manufacture any of its products at any time without prior notice

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