Mobile Refrigeration Units & Insulated Containers

Freezeking-Transfrig Truck Refrigeration Units are light-weight one-piece for over-cab installation. The corrosion resistant unit body houses the Diesel Engine, Electric Motor, Compressor, Coils, Fans, Controls, etc. to make an automatic compact system for constant temperature control within ±1°C. These units can maintain container temperatures from +20° C to -25°C, and are ideal for safe transportation of fresh and frozen perishables. Charged with environment-friendly refrigerants R134a / R404a, Freezeking-Transfrig units conform to the high international mobile refrigeration standards. These units are self-powered with an independent diesel engine and can also be plugged to an auxiliary electrical power source, for stationary use. Freezeking also offers Multi-evaporator Truck Refrigeration Units for multi-temperature, multi-chamber applications. In these refrigeration units, each evaporator operates as an independent unit controlled by an individual temperature control system to maintain different temperatures and relative humidity in different chambers at the same time.


 Being a leader in the field of refrigeration for the last 53 years, Freezeking offers refrigerated container designs that are practical solutions to today’s refrigerated transport requirements in India.

Freezeking insulated containers are manufactured with Prefabricated Steel / FRP Laminated Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Panels having far superior insulating properties as compared to conventional insulated bodies. In line with the highest imitational Standards, the panels used are being manufactured a most modern plant from Isowall, UK and Elastogran, Germany.


Due to the panel System used the containers are built avoiding extra steel structural reinforcements that are required in fabricating conventional insulated bodies thus making the final product lighter in weight. As a result, the vehicle has increased loading capacity higher fuel efficiency and an extended engine life.


The container joints are pressure with Polyurethane Foam. A sealant is applied for any external sealing. Marine Grade water-proof ply with Rubber Compound coating is used for farming to make an effective waterproof floor base.


Special Machine Press Foamed doors are used for superior insulation. Double door  Gaskets of special EPDM (J Type) and Heavy duty Forged Locks & Hinges are used leak-proof door sealing.


With external lamination of GI/ polyester Precoated GI / FRP, these containers are made weather-proof rugged and most suitable for extreme climatic and road conditions. All structural steel members are given antirust treatment before installation and sealing. Riveting is done with high Strength alloy Steel rivets superior gripping.


High-quality insulation heavy duty sealing and leak-proof jointing all put together significantly increases the temperature retention capability these insulated containers thus saving transportation Cost, and most essentially your valuable perishables.