• Performance data ±5% tolerance,
  • Based on 20C suction gas temperature, without liquid sub-cooling,
  • Compressor must run as per operating instructions issued by Freezeking,
  • Use suction accumulators for compressor safety,
  • Avoid compressor overheating or liquid slugging.
  • Interpolation is allowed, Extrapolation outside table boundary is not allowed


Crank Case

Graded Cast Iron. Pressure tested at 500 psig, precision machined and honed to fine tolerances of 5microns.

Crank Shaft

SG Iron as per IS Standards. Hardened, ground, tested and dynamically balanced for smooth operation

Connecting Rods

Forged Aluminum as per IS Standards. Precision machined with diamond tooling for extra fine finishing and accuracy


Heavy-duty roller ball bearings and bimetallic high-speed bushes accurately fitted for maximum working life

Valve Plate

Ground to super finish for maximum efficiency. Valve reeds of hardened and tempered special imported Flapper Steel for high compression ratios and low power consumption

Pistons & Rings

Aluminum alloy pistons for low power consumption and Oil-free compression. Alloy steel piston pins and special piston rings for high efficiency and long working life


Splash type